CURRENTBODY skin Mini Cordless Hair Removal Device

Stunt hair regrowth, plus treat fine lines, wrinkles & pigmentation

CurrentBody Skin Mini Cordless Hair Removal Device
  • CurrentBody Skin Mini Cordless Hair Removal Device
  • CurrentBody Skin Mini Cordless Hair Removal Device
  • CurrentBody Skin Mini Cordless Hair Removal Device
  • CurrentBody Skin Mini Cordless Hair Removal Device
  • CurrentBody Skin Mini Cordless Hair Removal Device
  • CurrentBody Skin Mini Cordless Hair Removal Device
  • CurrentBody Skin Mini Cordless Hair Removal Device

CurrentBody Skin Mini Cordless Hair Removal Device

Cord-free permanent hair reduction & anti-ageing

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        What you need to know:

        • Reduce unwanted leg, arm, bikini and facial hair forever
        • 3 body modes, 6 intensity settings and a bonus anti-ageing attachment
        • Blue light charging base kills bacteria for cleaner hair removal
        • Filters out harmful UV light rays for a safer treatment
        • Pain-free, just uses warmth to permanently remove hair
        • Follow the 10-minute treatment regimen for less hair in 4 weeks


        High intensity pulsed light (HIPL) hair removal is a trusted technology used by clinics to kill hair at the root. By heating the hair follicle with high energy, they become weaker, reducing with each treatment.

        Now with the CURRENTBODY skin Mini Cordless Hair Removal Device, you can take this technology anywhere. A sleek, small, wire-free design, enjoy hair removal at home, at the gym or on holiday.

        Use the added skin rejuvenating attachment for extra anti-ageing on the go. Zap fine lines, wrinkles, reduce pigmentation and eliminate dark spots.

        Plus, the CURRENTBODY skin Mini Cordless Hair Removal Device is their most hygienic hair removal device ever. Its base includes powerful blue lights that are proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in just 10 minutes. Charge and clean at the same time!

        Just 10 minutes is enough to remove all your unwanted body hair. You'll see 80% less hair volume in just the first 2 weeks.


        • CURRENTBODY skin Mini Cordless Hair Removal Device
        • Anti-ageing attachment head
        • Wide attachment head
        • Precision attachment head
        • Charging base
        • Charging base cable
        • User manual

        WHY IT WORKS

        The technology has been developed with world class scientists at Stanford University in the USA, so you can trust the technology. The CURRENTBODY skin Mini Cordless Hair Removal Device uses two bands of specifically-chosen light to effectively stop your follicles from making hair.

        It's powerful enough to reach both deep and superficial hair follicles for faster hair reduction results. And don't worry, it also filters out 99% of any harmful UV light wavelengths.

        With continuous flashes every 0.9 seconds, you can treat your whole body in just 10 minutes. Do legs in 5 minutes, armpits and bikini in under a minute, hands in 3 minutes and upper lip in 30 seconds.

        With 400,000 flashes, there's enough flashes in the device for a lifetime of treatments.

        Follow with the anti-ageing benefits of the skin rejuvenating treatment head. It uses proven light therapy techniques to cordlessly activate your cell's healing function for even skin tone, less wrinkles and better texture in just minutes a day.


        Step 1: Shave your skin.

        Step 2: Choose the right treatment mode: body, private or face.

        Step 3: Pick your power level between 1-6 (start low until you know what's comfortable for you).

        Step 4: Place the device level on your treatment area and start the continuous flash; gliding over each section.

        Step 5: Follow with the anti-ageing head, if you wish.

        Step 6: When finished, place in its charging dock and it will auto-clean over 10 minutes.

        Use 3 times a week for the first 2 weeks, then 2 times a week after for the rest of the month for 80% less hair volume during the first course. Top up once a month after to maintain your smooth skin.


        Customise your treatment with 3 unique body modes. Use the full body mode on your arms, legs and torso. Switch to private mode for beach-ready skin. Or tap face mode to banish pesky facial hair forever. Remember to use the lowest power setting on sensitive areas like your underarm, upper lip and bikini.

        The extra 5 power levels will simply help you treat big areas faster. After the initial 4 week treatment, you'll have 80% less hair volume in your treatment area and you can top up your hair removal as often as you like to maintain your smooth skin.


        This device will remove hair on light to moderate skin tones. It's not suitable for very dark skin - VI on the Fitzpatrick Scale.

        HIPL works by targeting melanin in your hair shaft. So, it won't work on grey, white or red hair because there is not enough of it.


        Since high intensity pulsed light treatments permanently kill hair follicles, they never return. That means with regular treatments you can achieve the smooth skin you want.


        With 3 body modes & 6 light settings to choose from, you can find the best combo for you. It even has bespoke treatments for the body, bikini & face built-in!


        Remove hair from your face, bikini line and more without a fuss. In just ten minutes, complete a full-body hair removal treatment.

        CLEAN & CHARGE

        Putting the device into its charging base not only recharges it, but also kills up to 99% of bacteria & viruses with clever blue light technology.

        NO PAIN

        The light simply heats up your hair. If you're using the right intensity level, you shouldn't feel anything other than a mild warming sensation.


        Use the anti-ageing treatment to fight fine lines, pigmentation, wrinkles and uneven skin tone in just minutes a day.

        Additional Information

        Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, women who are menstruating, people with surface scars, vulnerable skin, light sensitive skin, and those with diabetes should not use this product.

        Those who have severe heart disease, moderate or severe hypertension, malignant tumours, folliculitis, infectious skin diseases, have open wounds or anticoagulant disorders should not use this product.

        Those who have abnormal collagen metabolisms, or a history of scarring and/or would healing history should not use this product.

        Those who have cardiovascular disease should not use this product.

        Do not use on varicose veins and vasodilators.

        Do not use this device on skin lesions, or areas of the skin where there is are infections or blisters.

        Do not use this device if you are photosensitive or are prone to rashes and/or allergies.

        Do not use this product if you have an illness that affects the immune system (including but not limited to: HIV, lupus erythematosus, porphryia).

        Haemorrhage patients should not use this device, nor should those taking retinol or using exfoliating acids.

        If you have used a chemical depilation within the last 30 days, have used a skin whitening product 7 days ago, or skincare containing vitamin A, you should use this product with caution.

        Do not use this device in the same period as essential oils. Make sure you skin is clean, dry and free of creams and other cosmetics before using.

        Do not use this device if you are taking immunosuppressants or photosensitive drugs.

        Those with hirsutism and other skin hirsutism induced by limp are not recommended to use this device.

        Please contact your doctor and/or physician before using this device.

        Do not use this device on the following body parts and conditions:

        Oral interior, intimate parts, mucosa, plastic surgery site and operative site, Adam's apple, pimple site, spot and nevus site, eyebrows and scalp, ears or eyes (including eyeball and eyelid), nipple, mammary areola, inside the navel, vena cava, tattoos or body painting

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