Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 PL5347 IPL
  • Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 PL5347 IPL
  • Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 PL5347 IPL
  • Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 PL5347 IPL
  • Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 PL5347 IPL
  • Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 PL5347 IPL

Silk·expert Pro 5 PL5347 IPL

Full body hair reduction in 4 weeks

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  1. Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 PL5347 IPL Hair Removal Device - Default title
  2. 2x Precision Heads
  3. Wide Head
  4. Venus Extra Smooth Swirl razor
  5. Transformer including power cord and plug
  6. Super Premium Beauty box
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      What you need to know:

      • Ultra-premium intense pulsed light (IPL) device for permanent at home hair removal
      • Effective light technology with 2 new heads in a deluxe beauty case
      • Less hair in just a month with 10 power settings and 3 treatment modes
      • Pain-free and safe for arms, legs, face, bikini and more
      • Enough flashes to last for 22 years of treatments (basically forever)
      • Reduce hair across your whole body in 10 minutes, once a week for results within a month

      Our Expert View

      Intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal treatments are one of the most popular ways to get rid of unwanted body hair at home. With the Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 PL5347 IPL Hair Removal Device, get trusted and fast hair removal results across your whole body.

      The Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 PL5347 IPL Hair Removal Device kit contains the IPL device, a Venus Razor to shave the treatment area smooth before treatment and 3 heads for each bespoke body area. Pack it all into a stylish vanity case for premium portability.

      You'll only need to use the Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 PL5347 IPL Hair Removal Device once a week to start seeing less hair by week 4. There are 10 intensity settings and 3 modes to use with the treatment heads for the most comfortable hair removal treatment possible.

      The SensoAdapt tech in the device detects if there's anything wrong with your placement and stops flashes to protect your skin from damage. It's approved by the Skin Health Alliance - an independent dermatological accreditation body - so you can be confident it's skin safe.

      why it works

      Fast intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal at home is possible in Braun's new convenient all in one kit. Flashes of specific types of light effectively heat up your hair follicles stopping them from producing hair. That's why, every IPL device Braun makes is effective at reducing hair permanently from your legs, lips, bikini, feet, arms and more.

      The Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 PL5347 IPL Hair Removal Device uses 125 flashes per minute to kill hair follicles so you'll notice less hair in just 4 weeks.

      And with 400,000 flashes, you'll have enough juice for a lifetime of treatments. In ten minutes, you can remove hair from your whole body and you only need to treat once a week to see fast results.

      it's as simple as

      Step 1: Shave with the Venus Extra Smooth Swirl razor for the perfect canvas.

      Step 2: Pick the right head for your treatment area: large area, standard or precision.

      Step 3: Choose the mode and place the Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 PL5347 IPL device level with your skin.

      Step 4: Click the button to stamp for small, precise areas. Or hold it down to glide over large areas with continuous flash. Step 5: Clean and store when finished, follow with your favourite moisturiser.

      make it personal

      Ensure the right treatment for you by choosing from one of the 3 intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment heads for body or precision targeting. The skin sensor will help you select the right light intensity for your skin tone from the 10 available settings.

      Treating a sensitive area? Switch from normal to gentle or extra gentle power settings for lower device power levels while flashing your bikini or underarms.

      Do each leg in 5 minutes, your lip in 30 seconds and armpits in under a minute. With weekly 10 minute treatments, start noticing less hair growth in just 4 weeks. Treat weekly for a few months then every 6-8 weeks to top up your results.

      is ipl right for me?

      Intense pulsed light (IPL) will remove hair on light to moderate skin tones but it's not suitable for very dark skin - VI on the Fitzpatrick Scale.

      It also won't work on grey, white or red hair. This is because there is not enough melanin in the hair shaft and the IPL effectively can't see the hair.

      Need some help?

      Need some help?

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